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Book an appointment today to get set up with your dream bow! Includes consultation, follow up in-person appointment and optional setup.
Book an appointment today to get setup with your dream bow!

Bowtech & Diamond Archery

New to compound? Need to order online? Check out Diamond Archery's line up of amazing beginner bow packages. Looking to step it up? Give us a call about a brand new Bowtech today!

Easton Archery

Check out our wide assortment of Easton arrows. The most highly regarded brand of arrows in the sport today.

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PSE Archery

Check out the full selection of PSE Archery bows for 2021 at Canada Archery. Shop in stock or custom order your dream bow today. Including the ever popular John Dudley series of Nock On bows.
In Stock Now

Mathews V3 31 Compound Bow

All-new for 2021, with a redesigned the geometry in a compact profile, the Mathews V3 is here to give bowhunters the ultimate agility and stealth without compromising accuracy.
Hoyt Archery

All Ages, All Forms of Archery

Hoyt has a wide selection of products that accommodate virtually all forms of archery. From youth to adult recurve or compound, Hoyt has an offering to check out.
Samick Sports

Samick Classic

The most famous name in traditional archery. The Samick classic aka Samick Sage is the perfect place for any beginning to start. Affordable price and legendary quality.
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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    We at Canada Archery would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. This year was exceptionally rough on many people throughout Canada. We are eternally grateful for your continued support during these tumultuous times. With your help we have been able to continue to grow and become Canada's largest online archery retailer. Without you this would have never happened.
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