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Frequently Asked Questions



What shipping services are offered?

Why not Fedex or UPS?

I ordered via Canada Post Letter Mail, where is my package?


Do you ship to the United States of America?

Do you ship all over Canada?

Do you ship worldwide?

Do You have a store?


Accepted Payments

Do you accept PayPal.

Do you accept cash?

What Credit Cards do you accept?


Dates & Fees

How long do I have to return an item?

Will my purchase be refunded in full?

Is there a restocking fee?


May I return a damaged item?

I received a damaged item, what should I do?


Special Orders

How long do special orders take to arrive?

How do I special order an item?

How do I special order an item not on your website?

Custom Arrow Services

Is there extra turn around time for custom arrows?

How are your arrows measured prior to cutting?

Do I need arrow wraps?

Pro Shop Services

Bow Setup

Do you offer Bow fitting?

Do you work on bows not purchased from your store?

I bought my bow from you, can I get continued advice and help?