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Canada Archery Online was founded in 2014 by Devin Persaud and Gordon Trieu as a reaction to the limited archery retail market in Canada. With such few local options and no ecommerce options to speak of, the time for a professional archery retailer in Canada was long overdue.

Canada Archery Online is owned and operated by Gordon Trieu, Devin Persaud, Douglas Lambe and run by an amazing team of friends, family and associates.

The goal will forever be to grow the sport of archery in our beautiful country. Provide assistance to young archers and give Canadians affordable access to archery equipment and supplies.

With decades of archery experience at the highest levels of the sport, certified instructors across North America and knowledgeable staff, we aim to offer the best archery experience in Canada.

We pride ourselves on having the best customers service in the Canadian Archery industry. We work tirelessly to answer questions, help our customers, make special accommodations and work with suppliers and manufactures to benefit anyone who shops with us.

Our customers are like family and as such we share in their triumphs and defeats. We will be there for every single step of the journey. From broken arrows to broken records.


We will never send a person away with a product they are not happy with or a bow they are not properly fit for. We will never pass off older products as current, used items as new or damaged bows as operational.

It is an unfortunate reality that in the archery, hunting and outdoor retail industry many unethical practices take place. Customers are often on the receiving end of them and in many cases never even realize it.

At Canada Archery we believe in a fully transparent shopping experience and make every effort possible to accommodate our customers.

All bows purchased at our pro shop come with a complimentary fitting, setup and tuning service. We will never send you home with a bow that is not right for you or may cause injury.