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Canada Archery Online was created in 2014 as a convenient way for Canadians to purchase archery equipment. We wanted to share the passion we had for archery with others, and promote the sport in Canada. 

Our goal is to help Archery grow not only in Ontario, but all across Canada. By providing quality products for all levels of archers at competitive prices, we hope to provide greater opportunity for people to experience the sport we love regardless of income levels.

Canada Archery Online was started by Gordon Trieu and Devin Persaud not only to fill a gap in the archery market in Canada, but to help give back to a community that has influenced so much of their lives. 

Gordon Trieu has over 20 years of experience in Olympic Recurve and Compound Archery. Devin Persaud although relatively new to Archery, has over 3 years of Olympic Recurve experience and is a certified teacher and instructor.