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Appointments available for Toronto Pro-shop!
Appointments available for Toronto Pro-shop!

Compound Releases

Compound releases assist in releasing the string or D-loop on compound bows. Often hand machined. Each release is different and finding the right one can take time.

Designed to be precise, safe, and fluid, releases come in a few main types:

  • Back Tension - Back tension or hinge releases activate by engaging your back muscles as you pull. These are advanced releases we do not recommend for beginners.
  • Resistance - Resistance activated releases can not fire until a specific amount of resistance is engaged by the release it self. These are often used a training tools to help maintain consistent pulling through your shot.
  • Thumb Button - Thumb button release are by far the most common. You will often notice them with big barrel triggers in the thumb position. Often the first step up from an Index Finger release.
  • Index Finger - Index Finger releases which almost always come with straps, have been around as long as the D-loop. Preferred for hunting environments, an Index finger release is secure around your wrist, quiet in operation and very durable. Although not often used in competition archery, these releases are the kings of the bush.