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Customer Reviews

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Mohamed Y. (Quebec)

So it was stated on the web site that these limbs are compatible with all Samick Sage risers. They were not. I don't understand why some people reviewing these limbs are satisfied with their purchase, whereas others say the limbs are not compatible. Are there two types of Samick Sage limbs? May be another model?
Look at mine in the picture. It's got two holes. The one I bought has only one.

Ken F. (Quebec)
Samick Classic Recurve package

I was very pleased with the bow and the arrows and I've been out shooting several times since delivery. It might help purchasers to know which arrow spine is correct for their bow poundage, although you do have a default of 350. I didn't see anywhere that provided the level of advice that would help a newbie match spine with poundage. Other parts of the kit, bag, arrow case, and glove were fine. The arm guard and quiver were pretty basic and I've replaced both but really for the price the kit is pretty good.

Celina (Ontario)
Great Beginner Bow

Very happy with this bow as my first beginner bow. I love the fact that You can buy new limbs at different draw weights. The only downside is that the limbs don’t come in different lengths. I have a short draw length and it would be great to optimize my bow by adjusting the limb length.

Johny P. (Quebec)

Samick Classic Takedown Recurve Limbs

Chelsea W. (Alberta)
Limbs Did Not Fit Riser

The website stated that the Samick Classic Takedown Recurve Limbs are “ Compatible with older Samick Sage models”, however the limbs fit very loosely on my older Samick Sage riser making them unusable. The hardware appears to be different, causing the issue.