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Beiter Profi Serving Tool

by Beiter

The Profi Winder serving tool has been developed for professional users, as for example dealers, coaches, technicians or service people in archery clubs. The Profi Winder has 2 stainless steel rolls, which allow an extreme use, as for example very fast or very strong serving.

Features: Easy clip in system for the yarn, extraordinary smooth guidance, unique sliding of the disks, highest precision and guidance, extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, easy and fast exchangeable serving spool.

The Profi Winder is an ideal tool for all people making lots of strings and servings and can also be used in combination with the Beiter Twister.

The regular version has 9mm stainless steel knobs on the spindle, and weighs 50g, whereas the X-heavy version has 15mm stainless steel knobs, and weighs 80g. The additional weight allows tighter serving than with the standard Winder.