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Customer Reviews

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Len P. (Ontario)
Paracord came loose causing dry fire

I used this for a few days (under a 100 shots), put it away for a year
and decided to come back and use it again.
After about 20 shots, the factory knot on the paracord came loose
and caused me to dry fire my bow. Luckily I didn't have an arrow
loaded. I retied the paracord, but now I'm afraid to use this again
and I'm worried I might have damaged my limbs.

Double check the paracord knot!!!!

Wilson (Alberta)
Sizing choices limited

This is an excellent training too. However I feel their sizing options are too limited The size 1 only fits slimmer arms comfortably but has the ideal non adjustable strap lengths for the average person. Size 2 will fit people with slightly larger arms more comfortably but the non-adjustable strap portion is waaay too long requiring the adjustable strap to be shortened to almost plastic to plastic for a 26.5" draw. A bit of an oversight as they should've just made the middle strap longer on size 2 since it can still be adjusted to fit those with shorter draw lengths.

I emailed astra with some feedback on this sizing issue and got crickets. They don't seem care about this issue

Randolph (Ontario)
Add this to your training regimen!

This is quite the useful training tool. Repetition reinforces muscle memory! If you tend to not follow through in your release then this is a great device. It forces you to keep back tension after release. Also, it's a great addition to any SPT bow training that you are doing at home.

Germain A. (Quebec)
Excellent training device

Excellent training device, in particular when we’re limited in actual shooting practice. Develops excellent habits and techniques.

Julian D. (Ontario)
Great training tool

The Astra shot trainer has been a really helpful training tool, especially for times when I haven't been able to get to the range as often. It has made it much easier to focus on specific aspects of my shot sequence and improved my form considerably.