AAE Hybrid Vane (100 pack)

by AAE
AAE's "NEW" HYBRID vanes are made out of the same flexible material that our Elite Plastifletch vanes are made from but features the ultra-stable, air channeling "ribbed" design the MAX vanes are famous for.  Easy as "Lick & Stick".
  • Tough material with great instant adhesion!
  • World's best quality and colors
  • Glue activating base
  • Bright, visible colors
  • Excellent memory & durability

Available in:

  • Three Sizes:  HP, 26 or 40
  • Ten Colors:  Black, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sunset Gold, White, or Yellow
  • Count Size: 100 pk
                                                 Hybrid Vanes
               SIZE            LENGTH         HEIGHT            GRAIN WT.
              Hybrid-26         2.700"                .500                       7.6
              Hybrid-40         3.800"                .500                     11.0
              Hybrid-HP        2.050"                .580                       6.0 

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