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AAE Hybrid Vanes - 100 pack

by AAE

AAE's "NEW" HYBRID vanes are made out of the same flexible material that our Elite Plastifletch vanes are made from but features the ultra-stable, air channeling "ribbed" design the MAX vanes are famous for. Easy as "Lick & Stick".

  • Tough material with great instant adhesion!
  • World's best quality and colors
  • Glue activating base Bright, visible colors Excellent memory & durability
  • Available in: Three Sizes: HP, 26 or 40
  • Ten Colors: Black, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sunset Gold, White, or Yellow 
                                                 Hybrid Vanes
               SIZE            LENGTH         HEIGHT            GRAIN WT.
              Hybrid-26         2.700"                .500                       7.6
              Hybrid-40         3.800"                .500                     11.0
              Hybrid-HP        2.050"                .580                       6.0