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Skylon Frontier Arrow (Factory Fletched w/Feathers)


Designed to be durable, forgiving and most importantly accurate. The new Skylon Frontier arrows are improved over the Bucktrail Frontier arrows they replace. With higher quality control, better materials and improved carbon manufacturing.

These arrows come factory fletched with feathers and all components. They are designed to be used with bows that accommodate these types of more traditionally fletched arrows. Color of feathers is based on the spine of the arrow. 


  • Includes Nock
  • Includes Insert 
  • Includes points
  • Arrow length - 29" for 800/700, 30" for 600/500, 31" for 400/350 spine
  • Factory fletched with Feathers. 
  • Feather size - 4" 
  • Full carbon shaft