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ILF Barebow Risers

ILF Risers are those that conform to the International Limb Fit System standard. Making them compatible with all ILF Limbs and accessories. Which means any ILF Riser will fit with any set of ILF Limbs, no matter the brand. 

ILF Risers can further be broken down into three major categories.

  • Olympic - ILF Recurve risers for those who want a riser designed for Olympic  and competition style Archery. 
  • Barebow - ILF Recurve Risers designed to be shot without sights or aids. similar to traditional archery. Heavier, and often come with weight systems.
  • Hunting - ILF Recurve risers designed for hunting. To be shot similar to traditional archery. Often shorter and higher poundages for ethical harvesting of animals.