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Update on In-store shopping & Our new pro shop location.

Update on In-store shopping & Our new pro shop location.

When Canada Archery first began, the plan was to be an eCommerce only Archery business, with the goal of getting high-end archery equipment into the hands of Canadians across the country.

As the company grew, we quickly realized we would need a small pro shop outside of our warehouse to continue offering the best service and products to our customers. Little did we know that we would outgrow this pro shop very quickly too. Thus the quest to move to a new location with more space began in 2019.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, things in the retail world were very uncertain. Lockdowns, mask mandates and unclear guidelines plagued our province and created doubt around the future.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we were able to not only survive the Pandemic but thrive in ways we never thought possible.

This meant we are still on track with our plans to continue growing. We have taken significant steps forward in the last few months and want to share what’s next with you.

We will be moving from our current 720 square foot pro shop into a new 7000 square foot facility. Our plans include a much larger retail area, a 20-yard archery range, as well as significantly more office space and combined warehousing.

This new space will help us expand product selection and offer a second-to-none archery retail experience in Toronto - something the city has been lacking for decades.

We are aiming to have our new location open in September. Although construction and wait times for permits may make the exact date difficult to pin down.

Due to the complex nature of moving, construction and setting up the new location, our current pro shop will remain closed for in-store shopping until we move. Appointments and curbside pickup will still be available, and our current services will not be changed.

We understand many of our local customers were excited to get back to in-store shopping. The decision to not offer it at our current location was a difficult one to make, especially after the lengthy lockdowns, but a necessary step for a better future experience for you and for us.

Your patience is greatly appreciated. We promise what’s coming will be worth the wait.

We will open in-store shopping again at our new location within the next few months. Until then, we encourage you to continue to make appointments, order online, use local pickup and utilize our customer support features.

Thank you for your loyalty and support over these trying times. We will always remember that our success is impossible without all of you.
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