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Shop local & how to spot a fake archery dealer

Shop local & how to spot a fake archery dealer

Supporting your local archery shop during times such as these has never been more important. Dealers and Pro Shops are the backbone of the sport. Without their hard work combined with the dedication and passion of archers, the discipline would have been forgotten like so many others.

Unfortunately shopping online for archery gear isn't as straightforward as buying hand sanitizer. There are restrictions, rules, and lots of counterfeit equipment being passed off as genuine.

Taking the ancient art of archery and adapting it to a digital world is not always easy.

We want to arm all archers with the knowledge they need to understand if the shop they frequent is a legitimate archery dealer.

All professional archery retailers will have three important things if they carry any major brand.
  •     Valid business license
  •     Fixed Commercial Address
  •     Phone Number attached to fixed address.
Archer retailers are not qualified to sell or promote professional archery brands without a fixed address, phone number and valid business license. Any "dealer" selling high end products without these or is unable to provide them is unauthorized.

Major brands of archery equipment are also not typically sold online through big eCommerce-only stores. Those items you do see sold, unless sold directly by the manufacturer are often from unauthorized sources.

Items such as current model year high end compound bows are not allowed to be shipped or purchased online. Brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE and others put the shipping restriction in place to help support the local archery community, making sure their products are properly fitted to the archers who purchase them. Keeping archers in the hands of experienced pro shop owners who will help guide them on their journey in the sport.

Older models, used, and previous year compound bows are often allowed to be purchased online by and shipped to customers. As are all recurve equipment, all accessories and other archery related gear.

Any major brand compound bow you find that can be bought online and shipped will often be used, damaged or unauthorized.

Supporting your local archery shop helps keep the sport alive. We encourage everyone to keep an eye out for an archery dealer in your local area.
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