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Archery Canada Partnership Announcement.

Archery Canada Partnership Announcement.

Ottawa, ON - Archery Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with Canada Archery Online as a National Team and Event Sponsor of Archery Canada.

Canada Archery Online (CAO) is an archery equipment retailer founded to provide Canadian archers with online retail options. They aim to support the growth of archery, and to provide assistance and equipment for development of the sport. Their staff have more than 30 years of experience, with certified instructors across the continent.

CAO will provide support for national target competitions, as a combination of value-in-kind goods and cash sponsorship. This will also include additional host organizer discounts for event-related purchases. The financial support of CAO will help to support the development of our target programs and domestic events.

“Canada Archery Online’s first and foremost goal has always been to grow the sport of archery,” says Gord Trieu, part-owner of CAO. “We are beyond thrilled to be partnering up with Archery Canada to deliver more and better archery programs to athletes from coast to coast. It brings us great joy in knowing that the future of our sport is bright.” “We are very pleased to be developing a partnership with Canada Archery Online in which they will be involved in supporting our programs and events,” says Karl Balisch, Executive Director of Archery Canada. “They have long been supportive of our national team members, and their mission to grow the sport is closely aligned with that of Archery Canada.”

Jason March, the VP for Marketing and Communications for the organization, has long recognized the need to bolster our corporate marketing, and developing programs related to external sponsorship. He says, “Archery Canada is excited to enter into this partnership and opportunity for growth and exposure.”

Archery Canada is the National Sport Organization responsible for the promotion and development of the timeless sport of archery in a safe and ethical manner. Archery Canada supports the achievement of high performance excellence in archery in all categories and the development of a national archery infrastructure to promote archery participation across Canada in cooperation with Provincial/Territorial Archery Associations.

Zoe Meil, Communications & Safe Sport Coordinator / Archery Canada

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