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Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!
Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!

Win & Win WIAWIS NANO MAX 27" Recurve Riser


Nano carbon is the supreme material for stiffness. When mixed with carbon fibers, mechanical strength is increased approximately up to 30~40% compared to using regular carbon fibers - and with increased durability, too.

When Nano carbon is applied to the riser, shock and vibration absorption enhances 150 to 200% more than when using carbon fibers only.

This function reduces unnecessary shooting movement by over 30%, creating a clean shot with better arrow grouping. 

Technical specifications

  • 25 (1320g) or 27 inches (1370g)
  • RH / LH
  • RH only for the 27 inches version
  • Carbon Graphite / Nano Carbon
  • Colors: (two-tones painted) black-white+gold, black+yellow, black+orange, black+red, black+blue, black+pink, white+green, white+pink

Special Order Only.

Order this item and it will be will arrive within 2-4 weeks.