Win & Win Hurricane C6 Compound Hunting Bow

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Made from pure carbon, Win & Win's HURRICANE C6 represents the pinnacle of nano carbon technology. The HURRICANE C6 is the perfect bow for hunting. Featuring an incredible arrow speed of 326FPS, a brace height of 6.5", and no need for a bow press. 

The Hurricane C6 was designed to be able to be fully tuned without the need for a bow press.

With it's full carbon body, ability to work on your bow WITHOUT a bow press in the field, duel cable stops, flex roller guard system, and Win & Win's gold medal manufacturing. We feel The Hurricane C6 is the most versatile hunting bow on the market, period. 


  • - IBO Speed: 326 FPS with EZ2 Cam
  • - 31" Axle to Axle
  • - Mass Weight - 3.88lbs / 1.75kg
  • - Brace Height - 6.5"
  • - Weight Range 40-50lb, 50-60lb, 60-70lb
  • - Left Hand and Right Hand

Hurricane C6 CAM System


Color & Camo Options


 You may be familiar with Win & Win from it's countless gold medal and podium finishes in Olympic Recurve and Barebow archery. Now meet Win & Win Black. With their expertise in high end archery manufacturing, Win & Win have set their sights on the compound and hunting markets. 



This bow is special order.  

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