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SF Archery Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs

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Original Price $114.99
Current Price $89.99

Like the riser, the Axiom+ limbs have been entirely redesigned. Fiberglass combined with two strips of wood feature a higher flexibility than the previous Axiom limbs and provide more comfort and accuracy when shooting, even with the lowest power.

Axiom limbs have the international limb fitting, so they fit in a lot of handles. The limbs are based on the 25" Axiom handle. They fit also in a 23" handle, only you should consider with the change in length and poundages of the limbs. On a Axiom 23" handle with Axiom limbs 66-24 will make a total bow 64-26 (minus 2" and plus 2 lbs for any given size).

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