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Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!
Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!

Kinetic Mirage Target Bow Compound Package

by Kinetic
Save $150.00
Original Price $749.99
Current Price $599.99

As certified instructors, we are tired of entry level compound bows geared towards hunting.  Most customers have no intentions of hunting but their budget only allows them to buy an entry-level hunting bow.  We have done research to bring you Canada Archery Online's first compound bow package geared towards target and 3D.  No need to replace any components.  All the accessories work well as a package.


  • Draw Weight adjustable from 30# to 55#
  • Draw Length adjustable from 24" to 30" with rotating module
  • - Right or left handed
  • - Mass Weight: 1.750 gr.
  • - Brace height: 7"
  • -Axle-axle : 31"
  • -Let-off : 70-75%


  • Kinetic Mirage Compound Bow
  • Kinetic Bow Case with Cam protector
  • Target sight with 4x lens, Scope and Pin
  • Avalon Tyro Stabilizer
  • Hex Key Set
  • Maximal Pro Caliper Wrist Release
  • Avalon Tec One Arrow Rest
  • Avalon A2 Quiver (may not be pictured)
  • AvalonTec X Bow Sling
  • String Wax
  • Plenty of D-loop Material
  • Peep tied in to string with extra serving included
  • D-loop installled
  • Instruction Manual

We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates. 

All you need is arrows and you are ready to shoot right out of the box. We do however recommend doing final adjustments at you local shop.