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Core Archery HIT/Verve Youth Package

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If your young child is interested in archery, the Core HIT/Verve youth package is a great and inexpensive set to start with. The HIT riser and HIT/Verve limbs are made from wood, and the riser has anodized limb pockets that will withstand use and abuse over time. The HIT/Verve bow is lightweight and available in short lengths and light draw weights, making it a great choice for young archers. The package includes everything the archer needs to get started in the sport: string, arrows, quiver, carry case, etc. - please see the list below.

Age, bow weight, and bow height guideline

  • 14 years old or younger = poundage should be the same as their age. For example: a 12 year-old archer should be shooting a 12 lb bow.
  • 14 to 18 years old = 16 to 20 lbs depending on body build and height
  • Bow height should match the height of the archer. For example, if the archer's height is 4 foot 5, they should shoot a 54" bow. 
  • Bow grip and the archer's hand: if the archer is taller than the tallest bow available for the youth package, but has small hands, we advise selecting the 19.5" riser. The next size up (20" riser) is designed for adult archers and has a larger grip that the young archer may not find comfortable.

Available bow sizes and weights

Riser Length Bow Length (with limbs) Available Bow Weight
14.5" 48" 12 lbs, 16 lbs
19.5" 54"  14 lbs, 16 lbs, 18 lbs, 20 lbs
19.5" 58" 16 lbs, 18 lbs, 20 lbs

Please note: limbs for 48" bow will only fit 14.5" riser, and limbs for 54" and 58" bow will only fit 19.5" riser. 


  • Core Archery HIT Riser
  • Core Archery HIT or Verve Limbs
  • String
  • 6 Avalon Tyro arrows, spine matched
  • Clip-on Quiver (may be different from pictured)
  • Finger tab 
  • Plastic Arm guard
  • Bow carrying case
  • Stick-on plastic rest
  • Nock point
  • Stringer

We reserve the right to exchange products to equal or greater value substitutes if stock dictates. 

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    Bow sizing based on archer's height for Olympic Recurve

    Olympic Recurve bows typically range in overall size from 66" to 70". Below is a rough guideline for new archers getting started in the sport.

    • 5'5" or shorter = 66" bow
    • 5'6" to 5'9" = 68" bow
    • 5'10" or taller = 70" bow

    The Height of a modern Olympic Recurve bow is dictated by a combination of the riser size and the limb size. Combining long limbs with two different size risers will result in two different size bows. The typical Olympic riser size is either 23, 25" and 27".

    Bow sizing based on archer's Draw Length for Traditional Takedown

    Please note, traditional recurve draw length is typically shorter than compound. If transitioning always scale down at least half an inch for draw length.

    For Adults

    • 5'5" or shorter = 60" - 62" bow
    • 5'6" to 5'9" = 62" - 66" bow
    • 5'10" or taller = 66" - 68" plus, bow

    These are rough guidelines for new archers so they get the most out of their new traditional equipment. For some takedown bows limb length is not a choice. After some experience you may find you like longer or shorter limbs.

    The Height of traditional takedown bows will often be dictated by a combination of the riser size and the limb size. A 58" bow for example can be made up of any combination of limb and riser size that creates an overall length of 58".

    Traditional Takedown bows can come in sizes anywhere from 52" all the way up to 70". Bows that are longer in length are typically used in tournament situations while bows shorter in total length are used for hunting.

    Age and Experience guideline

    • 14 years old or younger = poundage should be the as their age. Example 12 years old should be shooting 12# bow.
    • 18 to 14 years old = 16# to 20# depending on body build and height
    • Adult: Beginner = under 20#, Intermediate 22# to 28#, Advanced with experience = 30# and up.

    All special orders are treated with priority. Outside of larger items such as bows, many special order items are on a consistent stocking basis. General turn around is 2-4 weeks depending on manufacturer lead times.

    Some bows such as custom target bows and top shelf traditional recurve bows are on a made to order basis directly from the manufacturer.

    Some left handed products such as high end target equipment can also experience unforseen delays due to manufacturer batch production.

    We make every effort to meet the deadlines set above. Sometimes due to issues out of our control we are unable to accomplish this. We will make every effort to remedy the situation if that is the case.

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