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Carter Whisper Release


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As the name suggest, the Whisper is the quietest release Carter has ever made. O-rings silence the sear mechanisms for a Whisper quiet shot without sacrificing the precision and accuracy Carter is known for. The Whisper features a newly positioned open hook that loads quickly and silently on a D-loop. The Hook is also strategically designed to open away from the face to minimize string and loop contact to assure perfect arrow flight. This allows for perfect clearance of archers using a face mask or who have a beard. In addition to the open hook, the Whisper has a very short distance between the string loop and the release hand allowing the archer to shoot a 1/2" longer draw while still maintaining their normal anchor point. Finally the Whisper also features the new Magnetic Adjustment Tension System (M.A.T.S.). This innovative feature makes changing your trigger tension faster or simpler than ever. Simply remove or add the trigger magnets quickly and easily by sliding them in or out for instant trigger tension customization. Available in two sizes for archers of all sizes.


  • Four o-rings placed for crisp, quiet shots
  • Open jaw loads quickly and quietly on a D-loop
  • Jaw is set away from your face to minimize string and loop contact
  • Magnetic adjustment tension system

Please note that Carter releases are not colour specific; colour may differ from the photo.

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