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Phone Consultations - Can now be booked 21 days in advance

Carbon Express X-Buster (shafts)


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9.3mm FITA and NAA rules. The X-Buster is heavier in grains per inch than CXL Pro arrows, and the additional weight eliminates the need for archers to "tune down" their equipment in order to obtain slower, more forgiving indoor speeds. The X-Buster also delivers the proper spine at the correct weight – eliminating the need to stack additional weight into the point. Designed to be 50% stronger than competitor's indoor target arrows, the X-Buster arrows will last longer without giving up shooting performance or accuracy.


  • Ultra Tuff Construction – For hard density indoor targets including stramit material.
  • Five Spine Sizes – Will fit most target archer's spine requirements even recurve bow archers.
  • Diamond Coat Finish – Provides smoother draw and easier pulling from a target.
  • BullDog™ Nock Collar – Unrelenting strength for nock-end impacts.
  • Pin Nock Adapter – Precision accuracy accepts all standard pin nocks.
  • Straightness: +/- 0.0025"
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1.0 grains
  • Spine Selection Tolerance: +/- 0.002"

At Canada Archery Online we try and offer a variety of arrow choices. This includes factory fletched, fletched and shafts. It's important to understand what this means.

Arrow buying information.

  • Fletched and Factory Fletched - The arrows come fletched from the factory. They often come with inserts included but not installed. Points are sold separately. 
  • Ready to Shoot or Assembled - This means the arrow is fletched and comes with points and all components installed. Often are Factory Fletched Arrows where points are inlcuded and everything is put together by the manufacturer. 
  • Shafts - This means you are purchasing just arrow shafts. These come unfletched but often with the bushing and sometimes inserts needed. Typically an archer will need to purchase nocks and points, along with any components they may need for fletching. We encourage all archers to learn fletching themselves for the ultimate custom arrow. It is also significantly less expensive over time to learn to create your own arrows! 

Arrow Cutting, Insert Installation & Points. 

We also offer the option to install inserts, include points and cut arrows that come fletched from the factory. These are optional services we offer as a convenience for our customers. Each one you select will be added to your cart as a service with it's own charge. 

Our Fletching Service.

At Canada Archery you might notice the ability to add fletching options onto your arrows. This is a fully custom service offered by Canada Archery. We take extra care in fletching and preparing your arrows. Including proper cleaning and adhesion tricks so you never lose a feather or fletching. Arrow fletching if selected will be added to your cart as a service. 


Once selected these services will be added to your cart. Each one you choose will be separately added. If these services are removed from your cart prior to ordering WE WILL NOT perform those services even if listed on the arrow. If you purchase a set of arrows and remove services, arrows will be shipped exactly as listed or completed with services paid for.

Only services you pay for will be performed, we will never charge you for services you did specifically add yourself. 

All special orders are treated with priority. Outside of larger items such as bows, many special order items are on a consistent stocking basis. General turn around is 2-4 weeks depending on manufacturer lead times.

Some bows such as custom target bows and top shelf traditional recurve bows are on a made to order basis directly from the manufacturer.

Some left handed products such as high end target equipment can also experience unforseen delays due to manufacturer batch production.

We make every effort to meet the deadlines set above. Sometimes due to issues out of our control we are unable to accomplish this. We will make every effort to remedy the situation if that is the case.