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AAE Free Flyte Arrow Rest

by AAE

The AAE Free Flyte arrow rest is a versatile rest that can be used in two different ways. It can be used as a flipper style when you position the magnet one way and use the support arm as the rest. Alternatively, the magnet can be reversed, this way, the support arm folds away immediately upon releasing, providing optimal clearance. The Free Flyre arrow rest is ideal for target shooting, hunting, as well as 3-D archery. It suits both finger shooters and release users well. 

Standard: the classic Free Flyte arrow rest.

Free Flyte Elite: CNC machined version of the Free Flyte standard rest. This rest can be mounted with the conventional side plate or the riser can be drilled and tapped for the ultimate in stability. The Free Flyte Elite must be used with a plunger. 

Free Flyte Micro: upgraded version of the Free Flyte standard rest, with an added simple horizontal micro-adjustment and positive lock. This will allow target shooters to micro tune their equipment to perfection, as well as bow hunters to adjust for flawless broadhead arrow flight.