Win & Win Black Elk Recurve Bow


The Black Elk will give you all the benefits of Win & Win's premium aluminum forging with it's 30 year tradition of medals and podiums manufacturing the worlds best recruve bows. 

Featuring a 21" riser, the ILF socket system, this bow was not only designed to be a deadly hunting tool but with the versatility modern archers need. 

Using Win & Win's special heat forging process, all Win & Win risers have exceptional tensile strength and are designed to reduce wasted energy through vibration. 


  • - Mass Weight 2.2lb/ 1kg
  • - Riser Size: 21"
  • - Brace Height:  7.5"
  • - Bow Length: 62" 
  • - Poundage 35 to 65lbs
  • - Hand: Right & Left
  • - Wood Grip
  • Plastic Rest Pad for center shot tuning. 



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