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Shrewd Flex Recurve Aperture

by Shrewd

Recurve Scope from Shrewd. The offical scope of Brady Ellison. Shrewd Flex Scopes were used by members of the American team for their silver medal winning 2016 Olympics, and used by Brady Ellison to break the men's Indoor FITA 18 record at the first 2016 World Cup in Marrakech.


  • Threaded body for sunshade and accessory installation.
  • 14.5mm inside diameter.
  • Three option: Drilled lens with either 0.29" or 0.19" fiber optic included, as well as a lens-free post option, with 8 indexed positions. Or a non-drilled lens option with dot kit.
  • Standard size, 8-32 thread to mount to most recurve sights.
  • Quality anodized finish.
  • Can purchase dot kit separately.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red