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Avalon Carbon Classic Arrows (Fletched)

by Avalon

Perfect for practice, the Avalon Classic Carbon Arrows are designed to be durable, yet forgiving. 

They come fetched with points, however, the points are loose.  We can cut and glue them in Free of Charge.  Please mention in comments.

 We can glue in the points for you and cut your arrow to a specific length. Once the product is in your cart, please inform us if you would like the points glued in and  what length, Nock Groove to Carbon, you would like your arrow cut if at all.

  • - ID: 4,2mm
  • - Straightness Toler.: .005"
  • - Length: 30 - 32" (full length)
  • - Nock: Pin nock small
  • - Vanes: EP23

Selecting Correct Spine:

Please Click Here To View Arrow Chart


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