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Winners | WNS Premium Alpha Recurve Package

by WNS
Save $100.00
Original Price $799.99
Current Price $699.99

If you're going to commit yourself to shooting this is the perfect package for the intermediate level. 

This product is part of an in-line change. As such this package comes with brand new 2019 Risers and limbs. They may differ in appearance from what is shown in the photo. 

Please indicate ideal draw weight during order.


  • NEW WNS Delta LX Riser (Previously was WNS Premium Alpha Riser)
  • Decut Rugbii tab  (please specify size)
  • Beiter Armguard (choice in color)
  • NEW WNS Explore F1 Limbs
  • Avalon Tyro Recurve Bag (choice in color)
  • Dacron String 
  • Bow stand (brand may vary)
  • Bow Stringer 
  • 12 Avalon Tyro Carbon Arrows (Spine will match poundage of bow)
  • Bow Square
  • Avalon Tec One Sight (choice in color)
  • Metal Rest
  • NEW Avalon Tec One Field Quiver
  • Standard Plunger 
  • Kap Winstorm Stabilizer 28"-30" long rod (specify color and length)

We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates. 


Canada Archery Online Bow sizing recommendation:

Bow sizing based on archer's height

5'5" or shorter = 66" bow

5'6" to 5'9" = 68" bow

5'10" or taller = 70" bow


Age and Experience guideline

14 years old or younger = poundage should be the as their age. Example 12 years old should be shooting 12# bow.

18 to 14 years old = 16# to 20# depending on body build and height

Adult: Beginner = under 20#, Intermediate 22# to 28#, Advanced with experience = 30# and up.