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Ragim Matrix Custom Starter Package

by Ragim
Save $30.00
Original Price $279.99
Current Price $249.99

If you want to shoot for recreation, this is a great package to choose. 



  • Ragim Wildcat Plus Riser
  • Ragim Matrix Evo Limbs
  • Stringer
  • 6 Avalon Tyro/Hybrid Arrows Spine matched.
  • Avalon A2 Quiver (may not be pictured)
  • Finger tab Pro-1
  • Cartel Armguard
  • Bow carrying case
  • Stick-on plastic rest
  • Nock point
  • String

We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates. 

If you combine the bright Wildcat Plus riser with the black Matrix Evo limbs, you’ll get the Matrix Custom bow, the right mix of style and value. The Matrix Custom is a complete bow. The riser’s new design allows the archer to shoot with the arrow rest or with the shelf rest for a more traditional shooting style. The new grip has been devised to lead the hand of the archer into
the correct position. This allows the archer to avoid mistakes and make learning easier. The riser is equipped with inserts to install a sight, stabilizer and Berger button. The riser is equipped with the patented innovative Ragim Bow Tuning System, that allows the archer to easily adjust
the limbs’ alignment. More information available on our website.

Length Weights Riser Limbs
48" from 12 to 24# increments 2 lbs 
54" from 12 to 30# increments 2 lbs
58" from 12 to 30# increments 2 lbs
62" from 12 to 40# increments 2 lbs
64" from 12 to 40# increments 2 lbs
66" from 14 to 40# increments 2 lbs
68" from 14 to 40# increments 2 lbs
70" from 14 to 40# increments 2 lbs


Canada Archery Online Bow sizing recommendation:

Bow sizing based on archer's height

5'5" or shorter = 66" bow

5'6" to 5'9" = 68" bow

5'10" or taller = 70" bow


Age and Experience guideline

14 years old or younger = poundage should be the as their age. Example 12 years old should be shooting 12# bow.

18 to 14 years old = 16# to 20# depending on body build and height

Adult: Beginner = under 20#, Intermediate 22# to 28#, Advanced with experience = 30# and up.