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Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!
Our pro shop in Toronto is back to normal hours!

Win & Win WIAWIS Radical-Pro 25" Recurve Riser


The Radical Pro riser is a combination of exhaustive research and developed as well as passionate engineering. New for 2020, the Radical-Pro combines a nano-carbon and graphene based riser, with an all new innovative sound board built into the riser itself. Creating enhacmenets to the actual frequency of your clicker while creating improved stiffness in the riser itself. 

nano carbon technology applying the innovative material of graphene. Its Center Suspension improves rigidity and durability while effectively controlling shooting shock and minimizing bow torque. Also, a specially designed Sound Amplification board for the clicker provides clear sound in 3000~6000Hz that is the most audible frequency to the archer and making clicker timing regular. This will enhance better arrow grouping. These functions have been designed to help improve archer’s shooting feeling and forgiveness.


  • Length: 25 inches
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Hand: RH/LH
  • Material: Graphene/Nano Carbon