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Spigarelli DMS 25" Recurve Riser


In 1989 in collaboration with Professor Dal Monte from CONI Sport Sciences Institute, Italian Olympic Archer Sante Spigarelli created one of the most innovative and futuristic risers ever built. Professor Dal Monte engineering knowledges, who among many other notable accomplishments, is the inventor of the lenticular disk wheel that granted the hour world record to Moser together with Sante Spigarelli's specific and practical knowledge towards the sports needs, conceived a riser with such unique stiffness and stability that it was granted a place at the Barcelona Sports Science Museum.

Several athletes have successfully used the DMS gaining great national and international placings and even achieving some World records. Initially used as a target recurve bow it was also appreciated by bare bow shooters until the 
122mm rule introduction. After an accurate restyling the DMS is finally ready to get back on the field for the joy of those who are not satisfied by owning a normal bow and who instead seek the maximum performance and design possible.

Key features:

  • Fourth edition of popular barebow model from Spigarelli.
  • Features low centre of gravity ideal for barebow style shooting.
  • More deflex design for a more forgiving and stable shot.
  • Improved aesthetics and mass balance.
  • Includes additional 210grain weight.

Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: International limb fit.
Material: Aluminium.
Length Options: 25"
Finish: Anodized.