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Fairweather Archery Finger Tab


The Fairweather archery tab is taking the recurve archery world by storm. With it's unique design and materials, each major tournament sees more archers switching to Fairweather tabs.

One aspect that makes this tab unique is the quality of leather used. In this case Kangaroo. Shown to be some of the softest yet best wearing leathers in the world, many archers refuse to go back after trying it. 

Another difference maker is the Fairweather ring spacer. Designed to fit you just like a ring would, the Spacer is made from soft, flexible urethane rubber in an all in one design for maximum comfort.

The plate is made of strong, lightweight urethane plastic. Comes standard with 3 pieces of Kangaroo Leather in matching size.

Important Information

  • Tab offered in sizes Small, Medium Large and X-Large.
  • The ring spacer is available in 9 different sizes for best fit.
  • See the sizing chart for your ring size: CLICK HERE FOR CHART


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